A Time to BE

It was time for a change around here.  I kept having all of these ideas for words to pour out here but they didn’t fit with what I was trying to create.  So, instead of trying to shove all of my ideas and feelings into the box that had become “my blog,” I’m releasing my blog from said box and allowing it to be free.

This space has taken many different purposes over the past ALMOST FIVE YEARS…holy cow.  I didn’t realize this had been happening for that long.  Man…I need a minute to catch my breath.  Phew.  Okay, sorry, back on topic.  This space has taken many different purposes and now…I’m not going to give it a purpose except to just “be.”

In my current state of existence, the act of just “being” is taken up with work, an internship, climbing, feeding myself, making sure I sleep, trying to keep my apartment clean…all of those things.  So whatever happens to strike my fancy and wind up here could come from any of those day-to-day activities…or perhaps they will come from a life-changing experience.  Who knows.  I don’t…and I don’t really care.  Whatever happens, I want to do it all with love…hence the new blog title Living a Life of Love.  And, in case you missed it…that’s pretty much my tattoo.  So, if you can handle a bit of chaos and eternal spontaneity, stick around.